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Turn theory into practice and ensure the viability and recognition of your business with the αriston business society’s unique online course, ROIEDU Business. Cost centres, productivity analysis, human resources, business redesign and state policies and legislation management comprise the syllabus of the most innovative business development course. The αriston business society community also provides a platform for the creation of new business collaborations via the mutually beneficial networking opportunities provided to all members.

Why choose ROIEDU Business? Because it’s not enough just to create a business, you have to be able to help it grow and develop to make your dreams come true!


Knowledge Management System – KMS

hyphen SA’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is an integrated electronic data collection and management platform that was created after several years of research and development into the requirements and needs of businesses.


Diagnostic Check

Entrepreneurship is taught and perfected in practice with hyphen SA’s diagnostic check, designed for every business that desires growth and success amidst the challenges posed by the market.

Above angle of mature business partners hands during discussion of papers

Business Plan

The business plan relates to the strategies of a business and its specific way of thinking. The Business Plan:

  • maps out the goals and priorities of a business
  • contributes to strategic decision-making processes
  • guides the business to manage risks and take advantage of opportunities
  • provides a clear marketing plan to overcome any competition
  • is an important tool for the internal communication of a business

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